Manure spreader N250/3 LEO

The 6-tonne double-axle spreader is the ideal agricultural machine for small and medium-sized farms. The lightweight 6-tonne design, coupled with the double-drum adapter is great for farm work.

6 tonnes

Carrying capacity

5,4 m3

Load box volume

2,4 t

Curb weight

2,2 m

Spreading width

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Light and stable fertiliser spreader

The N250/3 LEO is an extremely light and agile, yet stable manure spreader.

With the horizontal double-drum spike adapter, the machine spreads both manure, peat and compost equally well. The dynamic balancing of the drums has almost completely reduced vibrations, making fertilisation extremely precise. 


Tandem operation – machine with a solid suspension

The N250/3 LEO double-axle spreader is the smallest of the double-axle machines in our family.

The use of tandem suspension on this model has made it possible to guarantee even better machine stability during operation. The double-axle LEO runs extremely smoothly and can work on a wide variety of terrain with minimum disturbance to the ground. 


Standard features:

  • horizontal double-drum adapter
  • four-chain floor conveyor, link thickness ø11
  • mechanical floor conveyor drive with feed control
  • Single or dual circuit air brake system (to be chosen by the customer)
  • tandem chassis
  • fixed drawbar with a 50 mm diameter fixed eye diameter to couple with lower hitch of the tractor, designed for use with the tractor’s lower links
  • drawbar support
  • wheels with 400/60 – 15.5 tyres
  • protective mesh attached to the spreader front
  • hot-dip galvanised, corrosion-resistant sideboards
  • hot-dip galvanised ladder with non-slip steps
  • shot-blasting of spreader parts prior to paint coating
  • lighting system 12V

Optional features:

  • EU homologation
  • worm or worm-and-spike adapter,
  • hydraulic floor conveyor drive with continuous feed adjustment
  • hydraulic brake system
  • hydraulically operated rear wall
  • hydraulic distributor for tractors with two hydraulic sockets
  • PTO shaft for coupling to tractor
  • Wide-angle PTO shaft for coupling to tractor
  • wheels with 500/50 – 17 tyres
  • painted sideboards

Technical Specifications

Carrying capacity6000 kg
Weight2400 kg*
Permissible total weight8400 kg
Cargo area7,7 m2
Load box volume5,4 m3
Adapterhorizontal double-drum (spike version)
Dimnesions5650/2270/2600mm (L/W/H)
Load box inside dimensions3930/1970/700mm (L/W/H)
Floor height from the ground1200 mm
Wheel base1600 mm
Permissible load on the coupling deviceup to 2500 kg
Tyre size400/60 – 15,5
Speed25 km/h
Minimum engine power60 KM
PTO RPM540 rpm
Spreading width2,2 m
*weight may vary depending on equipment

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