Manure spreader N250S/6 BIZON

Discover the special tasks machine – the 14-tonne shell design manure spreader with a vertical dual-barrel adapter. Reliable, large and extremely robust, it guarantees efficient work even on very large farms.

14 t

Carrying capacity

12 m3

Load box volume

6,3 t

Curb weight

12-15 m

Spreading width

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Strength, efficiency and precision

The N250S/6 BIZON is equipped with a vertical dual-barrel adapter, with perfectly balanced drums.

As a result, the machine guarantees a very wide spread of manure as well as other fertilisers such as peat, compost, lime and even semi-liquid products.


Reliable suspension and robust transmission

The BIZON 14-tonne manure spreader has a very large 12m3 load box, and its shell design ensures maximum durability and leak-tightness.

Also, the machine is equipped with a double-axle sprung tandem suspension, so it works stably even on difficult terrain, ensuring an even load distribution.


Modern technology = easier and more efficient work

Bizon is equipped with modern features to make work easier and protect the load.

The hydraulically operated rear wall effectively separates the load section from the adapter, thus protecting the load. A hydraulic floor conveyor drive with continuously variable feed adjustment, made with a 14mm link chain, ensures smooth and trouble-free operation

Standard features:

  • vertical dual-barrel adapter
  • leak-tight shell design load box
  • wishbone or tandem suspension for a stable and smooth ride
  • reputable ADR or PRONAR axles
  • hydraulic floor conveyor drive with continuous feed adjustment
  • robust four-chain floor conveyor with link ø 14 mm and replaceable strips
  • dual-circuit air braking system
  • hydraulically operated rear wall with rubber belt
  • A special protective housing is provided under the barrels so that the manure does not fall under the spreader.
  • rigid drawbar with replaceable eye, 40 mm diameter, designed for use with tractor’s top link
  • three-stage support foot SIMOL KRA750, with two speeds, carrying capacity 10 000 kg
  • new wheels with 550/60-22.5 tyres
  • spreader shot-blasted before painting and covered with corrosion-resistant paint
  • ladder with non-slip steps
  • protective mesh on the front side
  • lighting system 12V
  • two wheel chocks

Optional features:

  • hydraulic braking system
  • cardan shaft
  • extensions for transporting bulk materials
  • rigid drawbar with replaceable 50 mm diameter eye, designed for use with tractor’s lower links
  • deflectors

Technical Specifications

Carrying capacity14000 kg
Weight6300 kg
Permissible total weight20300 kg
Cargo area11,8 m2
Load box volume12 m3
Adaptervertical dual-barrel
Dimnesions8440/2530/3400mm (L/W/H)
Load box inside dimensions5600/2000/1030mm (L/W/H)
Floor height from the ground1500 mm
Wheel base1900 mm
Permissible load on the coupling deviceup to 3000 kg
Tyre size550/60-22,5
Speed25 km/h
Minimum engine power100 KM
PTO RPM1000 rpm
Spreading width12-15 m

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Łukasz: +48 602 779 488