Rozrzutnik obornika N150/2 LEO

The single-axle spreader, with a carrying capacity of 4 tonnes, is the smallest machine in our family. However, this does not mean that it has the least capacity – quite the opposite. This small but sturdy spreader with a horizontal, double-drum adapter will perfectly meet the needs of any small farm.

4 t


3,4 m3

Load box capacity

1,5 t

Curb weight

2 m

Spread width

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Uniform spreading for excellent fertilisation

Our small 4-tonne LEO spreader is fitted with a horizontal double-drum spike adapter. It makes the machine distribute the manure evenly to ensure adequate coverage.

Efficient spreader operation is a guarantee of excellent fertilisation of the field and, as a result, an abundant harvest. The dynamic balancing of each drum effectively minimises vibration when the machine is in motion.


A single axle is a universal solution

The single-axle chassis is perfect for smaller farms where fast and free manoeuvring of equipment is important.

It is also worth noting that a single axle provides more added weight to the tractor for stability. As a result, the machine is not only easy to drive but also turns smoothly even when fully loaded.


Quality and functionality

The LEO 4-tonne spreader is a machine that will serve your farming needs for many years.

This is guaranteed by the top quality components used for production and a host of protective measures used.


Galvanised sideboards

Fully galvanised sideboards are just one of the many modifications we make to increase the durability of our agricultural equipment.

Other parts of the spreader are painted, and before painting, their surface is shot-blasted to ensure excellent paint adhesion and protect the surface from rust.

Standard features:

  • horizontal double-drum adapter
  • single-axle chassis
  • Single-line or two-line pneumatic brake system (to be chosen by the customer)
  • double-chain floor conveyor, link thickness ø11
  • mechanical floor conveyor drive with feed control
  • fixed drawbar with a replaceable towing eye ø50mm to couple with lower hitch of the tractor
  • drawbar support
  • wheels with 11.5/80 – 15.3 tyres
  • protective mesh attached to the machine front
  • hot-dip galvanised, corrosion-resistant sideboard
  • shot-blasting of spreader parts prior to paint coating
  • lighting system 12V

Optional features:

  • worm or worm-and-spike adapter
  • hydraulic brake system
  • hydraulic floor conveyor drive with continuously variable adjustment
  • PTO shaft for coupling to tractor
  • Wide-angle PTO shaft for coupling to tractor
  • wheels with 400/60 – 15.5 tyres
  • painted sideboards

Technical Specifications

Capacity4000 kg
Mass1500 kg
Permissible gross weight5500 kg
Loading area6,8 m2
Load box capacity3,4 m3
Adapterhorizontal double-drum spike version
Dimnesions5600/2050/2600 mm (L/W/H)
Dimensions inside the cargo box 3950/1740/500 mm (L/W/H)
Floor height from the ground1040 mm
Wheelbase1500 mm
Permissible load on the coupling deviceup to 2500 kg
SuspensionUniaxial, rigid
Tire size11,5/80 – 15,3
Speed25 km/h
Minimum engine power45 KM
PTO speed540 rpm
Spread width2 m

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