Manure spreaders

For more than 40 years, we have been manufacturing premium quality manure spreaders, with a wide variety of features to suit the requirements of small, medium-sized and large farms.

The agricultural industry is a very responsible and important branch of our economy. The founders of our company have had extensive links to the Polish countryside from an early age, so when they started a business producing farming machinery, they did so with an awareness of what our farmers need.

We are a Polish manufacturer of top quality manure spreaders. We use the highest quality parts and do not fall for any lean-design fads.

On the contrary, our machines are massive, robust and made of top-quality steel. This is the only way for us to guarantee a long service life and robust designs of the spreaders we produce.

What’s more, the surfaces of all spreaders that come off the assembly line are meticulously shot-blasted before they get a coat of paint. This treatment guarantees maximum paint adhesion with extra protection against rust.

Reliable spreaders

Our manure spreaders are manufactured according to all safety standards and are CE certified.

We are in the process of EU approval certification to allow our spreaders to travel freely on public roads within the European Union.

Reliable manure spreaders
Tailor-made machines

Spreader manufacturing is our speciality. It is safe to say that our spreaders are tailor-made.

We always take an individual approach to the customer’s needs. We carefully select the solutions that will work best in each case to create the best match with the intended application, while also providing a comfortable working environment.

Manure spreaders
to meet your needs

The manure spreaders we make are fitted out with a certain set of standard components and enhanced with optional work tools depending on our customers’ requirements and preferences.

As a basic standard, we offer spreaders with:

  • Hydraulic or mechanical floor conveyor drive
  • Single or dual circuit air brake system
  • Galvanised ladder for access to the load box (6 to 14 tonne spreaders)
  • Galvanised side panels (4 to 8 tonne spreaders)
  • Safety net
  • Drawbar support for easy coupling to a tractor
  • New wheels with tyres.

As optional equipment, each spreader can be fitted out with the following:

  • Hydraulic control valve
  • Non-standard wheel size with tyres
  • Spare wheel
  • Cardan shaft
  • Hydraulic braking system.
Manure spreader - functional machines

Versatile spreaders

The manure spreaders we make are versatile and functional agricultural machines that meet the requirements of both small and large farms.

We offer spreaders with carrying capacities from 4 to 14 tonnes, fitted with different types of adapters such as:

  • vertical double-drum adapters
  • vertical four-drum adapters
  • horizontal double-drum adapters

The excellent technical features of the adapters ensure that our spreaders can be used to spread manure as well as other fertilizer products such as compost, peat, lime and semi-liquid fertilisers.

Our spreaders are equipped with two types of chassis – a single-axle or double-axle tandem.

Robust and large load boxes, as well as modern safety features such as hydraulic gates or additional extensions, make the spreaders suitable for transporting goods and agricultural crops.

Manure spreader - technical parameters

Manure spreader
for your farm

We have been producing manure spreaders for over 40 years, during which time we have improved and expanded our production line. New machines are constantly appearing in our offer, offering even more functionality and convenience. All this is a response to the evolving needs of the Polish farmer.

We listen to our clients and look for solutions that will help them in their daily work. Our work only makes sense when it initiates positive changes.

Guided by this motto, every day we try to create devices that will make work on the land easier and more efficient.

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