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When producing modern manure spreaders, we prioritise quality and your needs above all else. We want to make our shredders a reliable support for you.

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Why Roltrans?

Trust our experience

We have been making manure spreaders for you for more than 40 years.

We make your job easier

We manufacture spreaders with a variety of specifications to suit the needs of different farmers, all at an affordable price.

Rely on our quality

Only premium quality spreaders will serve you for many years.

Become our distributor

If, like us, you work in the agricultural industry and wish to supply customers of that segment with modern and functional agricultural machinery, such as manure spreaders to make farming work easier and more efficient, you can become our business partner right now.

Fun facts

Which manure spreaders do you have on offer?

Our offering includes single-axle and double-axle manure spreaders fitted out with different types of adapters. Each can vary in carrying capacity from 4 to up to 14 tonnes.

Can modifications be made to current spreader designs?

We make every effort to ensure that our manure spreaders are tailored to your needs as much as possible. We are open to provide customisation and bespoke projects, adapting some design features to the specific farmer needs wherever possible.

Which spreader is best for a small farm?

Every farm is like a business that needs the right gear to deliver maximum efficiency. For small farms, we recommend 4- and 6-tonne spreaders, which can be fitted out with different adapters depending on your needs.

Are manure spreaders approved for road traffic?

We are in the process of EU approval certification to allow our spreaders to travel freely on public roads within the European Union. Once the approval is granted, our manure spreaders will be even more functional and tailored to your farming needs.


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