Manure spreader N250S/5 HELIOS

Discover one of our largest machines. The N250S/5 HELIOS manure spreader is a powerful and robust agricultural machine, tailored to the needs of medium and large farms.

10 t

Carrying capacity

10 m3

Loading box volume

5 t

Curb weight

~12 m

Spreading width

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Large and robust shell load box

The 10-tonne HELIOS has a very large and extremely robust loading box.

The distinctive shell design of the loading box built from steel profiles and plates provides a long service life and leak-tightness.

adapter do rozrzutnika

Precise adapter for efficient work

The N250S/5 spreader is equipped with a vertical four-drum adapter.

 Counter-rotating drums with excellent balance ensure precise and efficient spreading of manure, as well as other fertilisers such as peat, lime, compost and semi-liquid fertilisers. 


Versatile agricultural machine

The N250S/5 HELIOS spreader is a reliable and highly functional agricultural machine.

The 10-tonne carrying capacity, double-axle tandem suspension and hydraulically operated wall make the unit suitable for a wide variety of terrain, but also for transporting a wide variety of goods or crops. The durable and adequately protected monocoque loading box enables the versatile use of this spreader on the farm.

Standard features:

  • vertical four-drum adapter
  • leak-tight monocoque design loading box
  • tandem rocker arm suspension for a stable and smooth ride
  • reputable ADR or PRONAR axles
  • hydraulic floor conveyor drive with stepless regulation
  • robust four-chain floor conveyor with 14 mm link and replaceable strips
  • two-line pneumatic brake system
  • hydraulically operated rear wall with rubber strap
  • fixed drawbar with a replaceable towing eye ø50mm to couple with lower hitch of the tractor, homologated according to Regulation 55 UN ECE
  • frame made of metallurgical 160 mm channels sections
  • floor sheet thickness 4 mm
  • A special protective housing is provided under the drums so that the manure does not fall under the spreader.
  • spreader shot-blasted before painting and covered with corrosion-resistant paint
  • ladder with non-slip steps
  • three-stage support foot SIMOL KRA750, with two speeds, carrying capacity 10 000 kg
  • wheels with 500/50-17 tyres
  • safety mesh mounted on the front side
  • lighting system 12V

Optional features:

  • EU homologation
  • hydraulic brake system
  • tandem suspension on parabolic leaf springs for a stable and smooth ride
  • fixed drawbar with replaceable towing eye ø40mm to couple with upper hitch of the tractor, homologated according to Regulation 55 UN EC
  • hydraulic distributor for tractors with two hydraulic sockets
  • extensions
  • deflectors
  • K80 ball hitch
  • PTO shaft for coupling to tractor
  • Wide-angle PTO shaft for coupling to tractor
  • wheels with 500/50-17 tyres

Technical Specifications

Carrying capacity10000 kg
Weight5000 kg*
Permissible total weight15000 kg
Cargo area9,2 m2
Load box volume10 m3
Adaptervertical four-drum
Dimnesions7400/2530/3400mm (L/W/H)
Load box inside dimensions4600/2000/1030mm (L/W/H)
Floor height from the ground1500 mm
Wheel base1900 mm
Permissible load on the coupling deviceup to 3000 kg
Tyre size550/60-22,5
Speed25 km/h
Minimum engine power100 KM
PTO RPM1000 rpm
Spreading width~12 m

*weight may vary depending on equipment

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