Why are your spreaders shot blasted?

Shot-blasting is a way to treat steel. It helps protect the surfaces, while also making them stronger and giving them a more esthetically appealing look. Spreader shot-blasting means effective protection of steel components against the elements and corrosion, with enhanced properties that make our machines not only more robust but also more attractive in terms of appearance.

Spreader shot-blasting

What is shot-blasting?

The machining of steel components is one of the basic processes in the manufacture of machinery, structures or equipment. Its purpose is to protect the steel from harmful agents and the formation of corrosion.. This is extremely important, as it has a direct impact on the durability, strength and the visual effect of the finished product.

Shot-blasting is currently one of the most popular methods of steel treatment. It involves cleaning steel components using materials with highly abrasive qualities.. Shot-blasting is often confused with another popular method such as sand-blasting, but they are not the same processes. They differ primarily in the material that is used for blasting. In sand-blasting it is – as the name suggests itself – quartz sand. Blasting, on the other hand, can be carried out using a variety of abrasives.

How does the shot-blasting process work?

In the blasting process, an abrasive is selected and applied under extremely pressure to the component to be cleaned. This is done via compressed air or liquid. In shot-blasting, the abrasive particles hit the surface to be cleaned with very high force, removing all impurities such as grease, oils and paint coatings.

The surface of the steel after shot-blasting is perfectly cleaned, degreased and becomes slightly rough, making it an excellent base ready for protective coating. It is worth mentioning that steel shot-blasting not only cleans, but also strengthens the surface.

Shot-blasting of spreaders

In the production of our spreaders, we use high-quality steel, for which we specifically apply the blasting method with steel shot. Steel shot is a metallic material that provides a high degree of abrasiveness as well as excellent blasting performance. Also, it is one of the least dusty abrasives, making the whole process much safer. With the shot-blasting process, our spreaders deliver superior quality and performance of the coating. The machines retain their original appearance for many years, as the paint will not chip or corrode.

A long service life and weather resistance are extremely important for agricultural machinery. Harvesting or fertilisation work often takes place in unfavourable weather. As we shot-blast our spreaders for protection, we enjoy the use of reliable farming machinery that does not deteriorate even in the most heavy-duty operating conditions.


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